I am a Gardener of the Groove.
That means i tend to the roots, seeds, leaves, flowers and spaces, between the notes. That means that i travel with my tools into biodiverse environments where creative blossoming is pollinated on purpose, without pressure.  Here there are modern and ancient tools, compost and herbal teas to help us cultivate a collective which is unified by the consciousness of care.
These offerings are the heirloom seeds of my life’s werk as a Planetary AlcheMystic and Ceremonial Musician. Bring your broom, your pen, your friends and your willingness to thrive.

Ceremonial Architecture + Cyber Ceremonialism

Suggested Donation $23. Monthly and Quarterly plans. Monday Evenings.


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Have you ever wondered how it is that some circles really nourish your nature and inspire you to grow, while others do not? Yes we all have our preferences, and when a ceremony is sculpted, nuanced and tended to in pARTicular ways, it is probable that all will find a glimpse, glimmer or galaxy of hope.

These sessions are geared for ones who are intrigued by what Cyber Ceremonialism is, and can become. If you are one who is community oriented and wants to explore what we have learned in holding healing ceremonies with modern people who span the planet, this offering is designed to meet you in this calling. pART teaching, pART roundtable discussion, pART collaborative ceremony, please bring your mojo to make some magic together.

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