About the Artist
The music and teachings that roll through me come from my life experience and the guidance of spirit. I am blessed with a unique perspective and sense of purpose: I am here to celebrate and honor the sacred in all life. My methods come from years of forming relationships with community through ceremony, the drum, and elemental alchemy. From start to finish, my work is held as a prayer and is offered as an invitation for each of us to explore and tend to our personal and collective relationship with the divine.

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About the Album
they dreamt of us

is a Conscious Collaboration of poly-rhythm, poetry and vocal harmonies that entrain with and celebrate the frequency of the Divine Feminine. As with all Mz. imani’s work, this CD is dedicated to a planetary shift in consciousness, a shift towards peace and harmony. May this work inspire you to dream and know that Peace IS Possible, as we live these prophecies of hope and renewal.


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