Mz. imani is known to be an “IMP” and one who instigates magic. She is one who weaves storytelling, collaborative music, dance, art, prayer as tools to celebrate life and tend to our personal and collective SoulFire. She is one who actively shows up in ways and places that are supportive to refining. celebrating and validating the wisdom of the Soul’s Guidance.

As a grandmother, she expresses her gratitude and deep devotion to life, as often as possible. The initiations she has received and the skills learned as a modern woman drummer, circle facilitator and ceremonialist, compel her to share what she loves the most: music being made by the planet and the people for the eARTh. She is dedicated to listening to spirit, tending ceremonial fire dances, roundtable discussions, planetary ceremonies and  councils. She is a fierce ally of love, of art, of the women and dismantling power over paradigms.

Sis-Star WEbsites

Art in Action – A Prayer for the People + the Planet

An International Gathering of HandPan Lovers near Asheville, NC

Prepare for a radical upgrade in the conscioUSness of huMANity

SoulFire Circles are drum and dance events where we sing, drum, dance and pray together.

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