As a drummer, Handpan player, singer, poet, minister, instigator and artist, Mz. Imani honors the sacred and encourages people to explore music, art and ceremony as one way to nourish the heART and care for our personal and planetary wellbeing. SoulFire is Mz. imani’s dedication to expressing gratitude and respect for all Life through music, dance, art and ceremony.

Mz. imani is a ceremonial musician and sacred activist holding the medicine of SoulFire ceremony. In the late 80’s she was given the drum and the fire by Babatunde Olatunji. Being radically transformed by Olatunji, the presence of the sacred fire and the drum, she began seeing and experiencing miraculous healings and transformation occur time and thyme again. Mz. imani’s walk is a testimony to her dedication to drumming, dancing and praying for peace and in sharing the healing practices, transmissions and teachings she has received throughout her life.

Imani Faciliator HangOut USA

Mz. imani is skilled in holding spaces where community drumming, singing, and dancing co-creates a field of unlimited possibility. Mz. imani is an elder in Turtle Women Rising and the all-night fire circle community that was b’eARThed in the 90’s from Earth Drum Council and Rites of Spring in Massachusetts. She helped initiate the CoSM Full Moon Drum and Dance in NYC, and SoulFire Inside in Takoma Park, MD.

Sacred Fire Tender

As a ceremonialist, she openly and actively supports women, men and children in returning to the many roles available for us to pARTicipate in as a modern person. SoulFire helps us bring more light, gratitude and joy to the WErld through drumming, dancing, and singing for and with, the circle of life.  This sacred fire WErk helps us transmute paradigms of power over that are wanting to be dismantled, and restoring our personal and collective authentic power from within.

Ecstatic Support

Within the Herbal Conference Community, Mz. imani has been engaged in teaching drum classes and facilitating SoulFire Circles for more than 15 years. She has co-produced international Handpan gatherings (2014-2018) and worked as an Artist in Residence within the South Carolina Arts Council. Since the mid 90’s, Mz imani has taken an active role in building and supporting community drumming where spirit leads her.

Drum Lead

Mz. imani has traveled the WErld supporting elders as a personal assistant and ceremonial musician and has been the vessel thru which many have found access to the drum, the handpan, their inner musician and a form of spirituality that is inclusive. She offers her gratitude to, and acknowledges her many mentors, colleagues and peers who over the years helped shape who she is today. These Beloved Allies include Baba Olatunji, Darrell Rose, Joe Roberts, Dean Buchanan, Charla Hermann, Crow Swimsaway, Bekki Shining Bearheart, Nikki Scully, Jimi & Morwen Two Feathers, Bright Hawk, Abigal Spinner McBride, Rodger Osgood, Alex and Allyson Grey, Grandmother Bertha Burch Grove, Eli PaintedCrow, Grandmother Flordemayo, The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, her children, grandchildren and her visionary nature.

Solstice 2018

Currently Mz. imani resides in Swannanoa, NC and is the land keeper and curator of SoulFire Sanctuary, home to the 18th Peace Chamber in the lineage of Beautiful Painted Arrow and Mama Mojo’s Mystery School.



Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

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