Music is Medicine

Life is complex, and often times we forget about some of the simplest forms of good medicine available for ourselves and our comm(on)unity. Music and Art are languages of the heART and as such, are common to the human experience. This points me towards a pillar of my practice, a core and basic philosophy that when we are aware, open and willing, the archetypal energies, voices of nature and the universe itself can express themselves through our music, our art and our dance, our WErds and lives as individuals that support collective wellbeing. The ancient roots and connection of music and healing touches all cultures of the eARTh. Yet many modern people have forgotten the purpose and presence of healing that lies within the source and soul of music. i invite all who are willing to cultivate a practice of Music as Medicine. From playing solo by the water and/or offering a blesSING to the WErld, and/or instigating groups to raise the vibration thru song, and/or dancing ecstatically to your favorite groove…..when people come together, or when one gives music in service of another’s wellness, we get to actively explore the inspiration, motivation and pARTicipation in a co-creative expressions of community through music and art. When this happens “Food for the Soul”, is served! The music becomes the medicine. The medicine helps …

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